The Team

Hello! Our team is the UCLA Undergraduate Research Team for Ocean Acidification in Palos Verdes Kelp Forests. We are working in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) on our Senior Practicum for Environmental Science. This Practicum Project is designed to push us out of our comfort zones and get us working out in the real world! Not only are we working with a real-world client, but we are also doing research that will yield a real-world solution. Meet the team and our advisers!



The Bay Foundation (TBF)

The Team: 

Kelli Wright – Project Manager

Rebecca Ash – Communications Manager

Candace Chang – Lead Writer/Editor

Ariel Pezner – Lead Writer/Editor

Kathleen Lo – Data Analyst

Jeric Rosas – Data Analyst


Robert Eagle Tripati – UCLA IoES Staff

Heather Burdick – TBF Marine Programs Manager

Kristen Elsmore – UC Davis PhD Student