Baby Kelp

What is better than baby kelp? Full grown kelp! Normally, kelp goes through different growing season due to different factors that vary throughout the year. This year, our kelp is growing in later than expected- so we have baby kelp! Although it is growing quickly, it is still less than a meter in height. We are postponing our aerial imagery outing with Professor Cavanaugh but still continuing on with our work with the AOS Zodiac. We hope to get out into the field this upcoming weekend to test out the CO2 Pro instrument!

On a different note, we are extremely excited to be joining the Palos Verdes Interpretive Center for their Kids for Parks Day on Saturday, May 20th. We will have a table and the opportunity to teach kids about the ocean!

Team Member of the Week: Kelli Wright


I am a senior Environmental Science student with a passion for sustainability. My love for the ocean definitely stems from growing up in San Diego, California. I spent many summers beach camping with my family where we would spend entire days in the water. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and try to hike as often as I can! While at UCLA, I have worked on various projects to promote green spaces and renewable energy on campus. I look forward to applying my experience to this project and discover more about the kelp forest ecosystem in the Santa Monica Bay!


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