Crepes and Baguettes

Field day #2 was a huge success: not only was the weather beautiful, but we also saw a couple pods of dolphins. Oh, and the science went well too!


Ariel and Kathleen began the day at 5:15am, waking up extra early to buy ice and then head down to Long Beach. When they arrived at the port, they met up with Kristen, Armand, and Parker. The dock and water was covered in a thick fog, which luckily burned off by mid morning. The crew packed up the boat and headed to the site, keeping their eyes peeled for marine life while they were at it.

When they arrived at the site, the real work began- after the first two rounds of sampling done by TBF staff, Kathleen and Ariel jumped right in with helping hands. The rest of the day flew by, as the team continuously cast the CTD, took water samples with the Niskin bottle, and performed chlorophyll filtrations. The surface water looked murky so it was especially interesting to see how the amount of particles collected on the filters changes and varied with depth and location. Parker and Armand kept things interesting as they continuously called the chlorophyll filters “crepes” and “baguettes.” Although the sampling was exhausting, the breaks in between casts were great opportunities to chat with Kristen, Parker, and Armand. Also (and most importantly) it was a great opportunity to snack on Kristen’s buffet of Trader Joe’s food.

Although things mostly went smoothly, the team still ran into some struggles. Occasionally the Niskin bottle had trouble closing when the messenger weight was sent down and one time the pumps for the chlorophyll filter broke. Luckily Kristen is very handy and resourceful and there were a good supply of zip ties to keep it all together. After a long day out on the water collecting samples, the team headed back to shore, unpacked the boat, and headed back to Westwood.


Thoughts on the day: Overall, it was a great field experience and can’t wait to see what the results show once the analysis is done!

Advice from Ariel: “Most memorable for me is my lovely sunburn on my ankles below my leggings and on my ears. Don’t forget sunscreen, kids!!!”


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