Science and Communication

This past week has been an exciting one! Earlier in the week, we were interviewed by a reporter from UCLA’s newspaper The Daily Bruin. Check out the article they wrote about us:

Our work with Kyle Cavanaugh and one of his students is looking to be very successful. We paired up with him and the UCLA Zodiac team in order to overlay aerial drone footage of the kelp forest with surface CO2 data. Right now, the Zodiac is doing research in the Gulf of Mexico. But when it returns, we will use the CO2 Pro that we helped install to go to our site and gather data. The photo below is shot of the instrument being installed.


This upcoming Tuesday we have another field day! We expect 2-3 member of our team to wake up bright and early to head down to the port to join members of TBF for a great day of day of data collection (and fun). Also, on May 5th we will be presenting on the preliminary results of our project. Not only will we get to share with our classmates all the great work we have been doing, but we will also have a chance to learn about the other projects that our fellow seniors have been working on. Finally, we are also excited to be taking part in UCLA’s Undergrad Research week, where we will present a poster with our research alongside many other UCLA students.

Our Team Member of the Week: Ariel Pezner

Ariel Headshot.jpg

I am an Environmental Science major with minors in Conservation Biology and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. Growing up in Los Angeles as well as traveling abroad have both contributed to my love of exploring the ocean. At UCLA and through various internships, I have been involved in oceanographic field and lab research, which has allowed me to develop a passion for marine science research. I will be applying my experience and my interest in ocean acidification research this Fall as I begin graduate school to earn my doctorate degree. I am excited to be a part of this project!


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