Our Mood Matches the LA Weather (80 degrees and sunny)

For the past 2 weeks have been running a fundraising campaign with UCLA Spark. With 44 donors, we are proud to say that we have raised 92% of our $5,000 goal! We will be using these funds to purchase research equipment and to host a community event to discuss our findings.

To donate, please visit: https://spark.ucla.edu/kelp

Thank you so much to our amazing donors, who are helping to make our project a reality!

thank you to our donors

We are also so excited to be finally going on our first field day with The Bay Foundation. We will head out to Palos Verdes tomorrow morning, where we will board a small research vessel. The next 8 hours of the day will be spent measuring seawater chemistry and collecting water samples for our phytoplankton analysis. The weather will be beautiful, so we will be taking lots of pictures. Hopefully we will see some great wildlife too. Check back later this week to read a post about our experience out on the water!


Here is Jeric Rosas, our team member of the week:


I am a fourth year student in the IoES department with a focus in Environmental Engineering. Coming from Los Angeles, I was always curious about the water and air pollution in the county. At UCLA, I have participated in organizations that tackle these issues and assist in providing plausible solutions to these environmental problems. I was a member of Renewable Energy Association and I am currently an officer for ASCE at UCLA’s Environmental Design project. I am certain that this project will help broaden my knowledge in ocean acidification, and I am hopeful that I will utilize my technical background to help propel this project into success.



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