Feelings on our Field Day being Canceled

Well I guess the title gives it away, doesn’t it? Our field day was cancelled, much to our dismay. It was cancelled for good reason though- for those of you in LA, you’ve been around for the less than ideal weather. With all the rain and wind we’ve been having, the water conditions were unfavorable to go out. It just goes to show how things really do not always go as planned. It’s all part of the science and research though- we wouldn’t want it to be TOO easy would we? But in all seriousness, science and research are not all about the end product, it is about the journey. The planning, the failure, the revisions, and so on. Not a black and white experience, but rather a grey one that gives us some final product- some discovery or observation that pushes at the boundaries of knowledge and may lead future research in the right direction. It is a journey that I am so very happy to be on, with my amazing team!

Team Updates:

We are actively planning our trip up to the Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory- once we get there, we will have a chance to work alongside Kristen Elsmore to analyze all the water samples that The Bay Foundation already has from the site- and the new ones we will take on our field day (now scheduled for the week of March 13). We have been synthesizing information about the different organisms in our kelp forest so we can assess how the seawater chemistry will affect each of them individually. Out data team is looking at our preliminary data and working with the Flow Cytometry Lab here at UCLA. Finally, the communications team has been working with IoES to get our site up and going on UCLA’s website! Check it out: https://www.ioes.ucla.edu/project/the-bay-foundation/ and make sure to also check out The Bay Foundation’s website http://www.santamonicabay.org/.

→ For the next 6 weeks we will be featuring a member of the team so you can get to know us all better! Up this week is Kathleen Lo, on the data team:

KLo headshot.jpg

I am an environmental science major, with a focus on environmental engineering. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, my parents always brought me on hikes to see the fall foliage or take summer trips to the shore, allowing me to gain a deeper appreciation of the natural outdoors. Outside of classes, I am the captain of UCLA’s club ultimate frisbee team and a project director for UCLA’s ASCE chapter. In my future career, I hope to apply my knowledge in environmental engineering and science to innovate solutions for environmentally impacted sites and natural resources.



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